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I just want to say that this was my first open procedure done in all 4 rhinos. I say go for it open because just from what I can see now, there is no insight greater than actually seeing what you are building. My scar tho is at the very base of my collumella because of my particular situation. Don't fear the scar, rear the bad result from docs working basicaly in the dark, unfortunately like Gruber did on mine in 96 which caused me to use the dammed filler silicone anyway to correct the flaws.


Whether a doc does open or closed is mostly a function of their training and nothing more.

I'm always amused that laypeople can think that a doc has a "better view" or doesn't "work in the dark" when they do it one way vs. another. When you think about what us people on message boards know about rhinoplasty vs. what a doc knows... it isn't much.

The best docs with the most training do it closed and aren't limited by doing things this way. If you think they are limited you are just fooling yourself.

Unfortunately, for the patient, a lot of people will get open procedure since this is what happens to be taught at the moment.


Well Im so glad that you at least have all the answers..... I do hair and although I can do it with my eyes shut I like to see exactly what I am doing. My original messed up structure was not addressed correctly in a closed which was performed by a specialist in closed only....Ronald P Gruber.I am not a doc are you?


I'm not a doc but I play one on TV, kidding...

Obviously I don't know your situation or the history of it so I didn't write my reply in that context. I stand by my comments with regard to a primary and revisions (under the correct circumstances).

I've since read about foreign materials in your nose, in which case my comments don't apply, and I don't even feel comfortable commenting on the correct approach to your nose. I only comment on what I know.

A lot of a nose job is feel. A doc doesn't have to have complete, unobstructed access to the graft location, to deliver a top notch result. The docs know the structure of the nose inside and out, as much as you know a head of hair. I don't believe there is an advantage to actually being able to see exactly where the graft goes, without the need to redrape.


But what if there was UNEVEN RESECTION from a previous closed rhino and the doc using the new grafts can't really see just maybe feel that the tip was etrimmed differently on either side? Imn my case cos my skin is thick anyway it was even more difficult to fell exactly what was what. I am talking about my original revision with Gruber in 96 that caused the uneven results with the ear grafts he used.