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Yes IMHO columellar struts have to be LONG and projected to make a big difference in a nose and to do any good. Most people are afraid to hear that because they thing "long and projected" means "big". Far from it. I have seen some wonderful examples of long columellar struts on M's board making a world of difference (not from T patients). It can transform a nose.


Maybe your consults didn't specifically mention the columellar strut, but it is really common and used a lot by practically every revision specialist. That strut + tip graft, and a type of overlay extended bridge graft are used all the time when needed. It isn't like Toriumi has the monopoly on columellar struts LOL. All the Davis revisions/reconstructions I've ever seen have that, I'm sure other docs have too I just haven't seen posts w/pics from any other docs but Davis.


Quatela did that with my columella strut too.


Yes, most revision surgeons do columellar struts like this just fine, with a nice tip graft on the end. Large struts to project the nose and better support the skin look good; for thick skin, the bigger the strut the better. When the tip projects out really far, the bridge and radix gets built up so the patient doesn't look like Pinnochio. Easy concept really, and not exactly limited to Dr Toriumi's office.


yes so why do people think that only Toriumi is the one doing this?