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These pages will have an archive of all the rhinoplasty content and discussion we had on our site. A lot of usefull information will be in these archives. Over 100 pages of content will be added.

top 5 docs; W magazine : On T's website, it sais that W mag rated T as one of the top 5 rhino docs in the world in 2000. Dos anyone know who the other top 4 docs were listed in the article?


I believe they were (in no particular order):

Jack Gunter
Dean Toriumi
Norman Pastorek
Gilbert Aich
Calvin Johnson.

Many of these docs are really getting up in age...it would be nice if they came out with a new list.


Gunter may be in the Top 5, but I wouldn't go near him with a 10-foot pole. Maybe we should have a 10-foot pole list.


Let's not focus on negatives with another one of these bad doctor lists. We're here to try to help each other find good doctors,not spread gossip or start controversy. I agree,a new top 5 doctors list would be good. Then again,all these lists in magazines and books are so subjective anyway so take them with a grain of salt.



I tried to consult with Pastorek - he refers complicated revisions to Toriumi