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Will Toriumi only use general&how long for surgery: Does anyone know if T will consider doing anything other then general (I get quite sick) and how far is he booked for surgery? Thanks for any help


Not sure if he'd use anything other than General... Nor how far out he is for Surgery, but I just called this week to set up a consultation and the soonest they were able to get me in was Feb. 20th...


What DONT I need done?! lol That would probably be easier to answer :)
I'm not exactly sure what needs to be done, to be honest with you. I'm 99.99999% sure I'll need a rib graft to build of the Tip, it needs to be brought out from my face, and hopefully in turn it will look thinner, even though he'd be adding to it... and he'll probably use some to make the radix higher as well (seems to do that on a lot of people, I think it looks good, at least on the pictures I've see )... I'll need the alar spreader grafts.. my nostrils are WAY to small... I need a Columella strut redone... it looks 'hidden' from the side.. I'd like my lip to nose angle to be corrected as well..it's not aesthetically pleasing at the moment..



I don't know the definitive answer to the anesthesia question but I've never heard of him using anything but general anesthesia.As for surgery,it seems openings become available within 6 weeks sometimes,consults seem to be booked out much longer than the surgery dates. I think they can put you on a list in case something opens up and your schedule is flexible.