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Hi Mike.. Would love an update to see how you are healing and feeling. Please keep us posted , we know you went through so much, I wish all the the best.


Well you won't believe that more could go wrong but it did! My columella was sutured at the base not half way up because of my situation and previous scar there. Well my nose had so much drainage the the sutures came out and my columella started lifting up!. I freaked and Quatela's fellow added some sutures as he was at at a conference in Canada. I had disolvable and regular sutures. Well believe it or not on Sunday night they lifted as well, not as bad but still too much to be left that way. I then went in on Moday morning with mysuitcases as I waa leaving at 5.00 pm to go home to Sf. Quatela gave me the worst scenarios of what could be if it didntstick this time and he went and sutured yet again. He wanted me to stay 5 more days but I said it was impossibel. I had stayed 3 weeks instead of 1 already. He put me in the care of a doctor in SF Dr Corey Maas. I sa him the next day and he wanted to take out some sutures on Fri. I was concerned it was to soon and he said that leaving them in can encourage infection. After speaking with Quatelas fellow today he said they should stay in at least till Monday. I took matters into my own hands because my collumella was still draining again and I knew that it wpuld not heal together with this happening so I got some liquid bandage and it stopped leaking anf is sticking to gether nicely. I did this on my upper bleph too and it works! Quatela's fellow got mad at me for doing this , saying if it needs to drain let it but I have been letting it for over a week now and it won't heal this way.
My message to you all is use your common sence and do what you feel is best because in the end you are the one that suffers not he docs. My nose looks great except for swelling and I am on Cipro for 2 weeks. Michae.


Wow, I bet you can write a book on this with many chapters:) just kidding do not mean it the wrong way. I hope every thing gets better from here and on. you have gone through alot and I am sure it will have a happy ending. best wishes and prayers your way.


I got my stiches out today. Nose is still swollen but sticking together and taking a shape.


good to hear from you and I am glad things are working.
stay positive and hopefully this journey will be over for you soon. hopefully some where down the road you will post some pics for us too:)


I will post before and after when my nose settles down.