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I think plastic surgery message boards get shilled. a lot more often then most people think. I believe that a lot of doctors will tell happy patients to make a post or just tell their office staff to mention their name. Sometimes it's obvious because a particular poster will only come on to talk about one surgeon and only say good things about them. Other times the surgeon gets brought up by unfamiliar names in one post and then that name is never seen again.

I think there are a few doctors who have gained a lot of clients through these message boards with these methods. Even though the doctors don't see anything wrong with just throwing their names out there with this method, any false posts are uncool. Very uncool.


You are probably right, however on the otherside if they do bad work then patients will soon complain and their name will known as doc t avoid. If they do they better be able to deliver.



I think we'd be pretty naive to not think this occurs. The internet has been a huge source of business for plastic surgeons,so obviously they'll exercise what ever means they can to increase their exposure. For this reason,I think people have to use the net as only one of several research methods while choosing a surgeon. To make a decision based on a few posts lauding a doctor's skills is dangerous. Try to see actual pictures,speak to patients,etc..


To some extent you are probably right, but also that if they do bad work, guess what, often times people will complain before they rave about a surgeon.

I have complained about my shares of surgeons, what I think of each consults and my impression of them and their work. So I believe there is a lot of real people on here who really do have valid and real experiences. Now I would be weary of the surgeons who you never hear anything bad about them at all yet nobody knows who they are. Every surgeon who has been touted on these boards, have had some complaints, but the complaintes compared to the numbers of success is small, so people still go to them.

These boards help us get referred to someone, but ultimately you have to do your research and meet them to see if you really do like their work or not.

I am thankful for this board because it has saved me a lot of money from going on consults with bad surgeons, and consults with good surgeons. Without these boards, We all would be spending a lot more money trying to find the right one, its like a needle in a haystack, but now, with others speaking up, its easier to pinpoint that needle.