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Yeah, I guess in an ideal world, if you are going to pay top dollar for your nose you should have something close to a guarantee going in that you will get the best possible nose for your facial structure given what you have to work with and that functionally and structurally that nose will last you a lifetime (especially if that top dollar is in multiples of what other top tier surgeons charge). And if that excellent outcome didn't happen any further surgeries to repair the situation would be free. Otherwise, what is it that you are paying extra for? But, we all know that the world of revision rhino is far from ideal for the patient.


I agree that Toriumi is taking advantage of people with his fees, and his aesthetics are just not there on some of the noses. Most of us had functional noses we just didn't like, so who cares if his noses are functional when they are not flattering to your face. Like the other poster, I can think of several that weren't so good. It would have been interesting if those pictures had been posted without identifying T as the surgeon. I'm sure there would have been some critical comments.

He is obviously a very skilled surgeon, but not the only game in town, despite what some people on these boards imply. He must be laughing all the way to the bank.


Why would you think I was calling you names? We have agreed to disagree here. Don't play the victim card


I'm consulting with Quatela on Monday. Did he show you a lot of before and after pics in his office?


Yes you can. No he did not show pics but I looked thru his book. He did imaging however.


Mark, you are entilted to your opinion and so am I, I just pointed out the obvious about his work. Do not worry about me, I do not feel victimized specailly by any one on this board so I think if you do believe this is just a difference of opinion then let it go and lests end this post here!

PS: I was referning to you calling me Sara!