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I had surgery last April, I'm just not happy with the results. The bump that was sapposed to be removed, is still there, or atleast noticeable still. Should i be seeking out a revision? Or just accept the nose I have?


Hi Jamie,

Have you done compression exercises on the sides of the bridge? Be gentle but firm if you know what I mean.

I found that I had to keep wearing my cast at night/evening for more than 1 year after my hump removal to keep the swelling under control. I didn't wear it every night, but as many as I could stand. I also taped INSIDE/UNDER the cast around the bridge area to make it narrower which improved the tightness around the bridge. You have to be careful not to make it too tight to prevent excess pressure, but just enough to make a difference to the persistent swelling.

I think this surgery is the ultimate example of "devil is in the details", and if those details are not dealt with the utmost care and attention it can cause a complete mess. If only we all realised that FULLY before taking the plunge...