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I had a rhinoplasy 18 months ago. I now want to get my nose pierced. Is this OK? The only reason I'm slightly concerned is that the tip of my nose is still slightly numb (I don't think it will ever fully recover).

It's probably OK for me to proceed but any advice would be welcome!
Thank you


Your probably okay, but at the top of this message board, Dr. Azizzadeh has been kind enough to answer a lot of these types of questions. You can ask him. He's much more qualified to answer then any of us are.


Please could you tell me where to find this? I couldn't find anything about it in the forum....
Thank you



At the top of this board there should be a blue background with a picture of a doctor. That's Doctor Azizzadeh, There's red writing that sais "ask the doctor" its at the very top of this forum. Heres also a direct link.