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Is there anyone other than Michael that used Dr Quatela, who can
post any good or bad experiences about him?
How come he isn't mentioned on the boards if hes so good? Does he specialize in revisions or does he do other body parts?
This would be revision #4 for me. I'm looking for alternatives other than Dr Toriumi and Dr Davis.


Although I haven't used him,I wish I would have. He was my first choice. There are others that used to be on M's board who have used him with very happy results. I think the guy is better then T.& D. but just not mentioned enough on the boards because the other Dr's are pushed into peoples faces on M's rhino board. I'm not saying her board isn't wonderful cause it is,but there are certain beings on it that seem to puch a certain DR. . His price is great and his staff is great .He is a GREAT revision DR. When his name was mentioned to my Dr,he even said Quatela is great and why didn't I stick with him. I regret the day that I took advice from people on M's board to go to another Dr. after I had a date set with Quatela. If you want more people to come forward about Quatela ,try asking on other boards also. Good luck!


I know there are alot of Davis Fan on Marianna's board and alot of Toriumi's fan on this board, I am curious which one did you get end up with? it is funny how the world of revision rhinoplasty according to these message boards begins and ends with Toriumi, Davis for the whole united state, but I guess that is how it works. I am sorry to hear about your disappointment I have my own similar experience as well.


a lot of Dr. Quatela's revision work is referred to him by other docs--so his coordinator told me. Perhaps the majority of his patients don't even know about the boards or at least don't frequent them regularly. Not every patient that a PS has comes from a rhino board and not all patients post. Some people are private about their revision hell experience, with good reason.