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What is Rhinoplasty?

These pages will have an archive of all the rhinoplasty content and discussion we had on our site. A lot of usefull information will be in these archives. Over 100 pages of content will be added.

Some reports say that 8 out 10 women are unhappy about their noses. The statistics about men give a slightly better picture, with every 6 out of 10 not liking their noses. Most of them do nothing about it. Some because they are not well informed about what rhinoplasty involves others because they cannot afford the surgery and some because they are afraid that the results might be worse than the original.

Let us see what rhinoplasty really does and what the outcome of a successful surgery is. Most people who undergo a rhinoplasty will experience disappointment. This is because everybody who undergoes the surgery will expect perfect results, instantly. This is just not possible even if the best of surgeons conduct the surgery.

Why? Because it takes exceptional skills to really change the nose in such a way that the nose will look good and also fit the face proportionately. It is difficult to improve on what God has created.

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