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No ones gonna know me here i dont post. I had surgery w Tabbal earler in the year and couldnt be happier.I had surg. w ear graft- My question is anyones ear itchy as hell after the year i guess its still healing but is this something that should be cjecked by the doc. He left pratically no scar by the way it was a pro job.


There is something going on all of a sudden with these Tabbal posts that are coming out of nowhere, on this board and Mariannes board.
If you had a pro result, and never posted why would you look for a rhino board to post on? Ask Tabbal about your ear.


wow-unexpected!Didnt understand ure post nevermind


No the poster is Mara Rui on Mariannes brd-i take this as an innocent question. Lets all be friends


Could you post your before an after pics? sorry cat help with your ear question.


Yes,I have to keep using an antibiotic cream cause the itch causes chafing. A year after also.