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Has any one used Dr. Michael Even Sachs in NYC ?



Proceed with great caution around Michael Evan Sachs. He is in general considered a bad news doc--many, many law suits--check out e-law to see active cases. There was an article in New York Magazine about him and the doctor whom he worked with to provide patients with sedation said he was surprised he hadn't had his license taken away. When a woman died in his care last year following a face lift his license was suspended and he could only operate under supervision of another surgeon. In my opinion, not a good choice for any kind of surgery and a potentially disasterous choice for a complicated rhinoplasty revision. I wouldn't pay any attention to his advertising and would cross him off of your list. For what it's worth, Toriumi is very respected as a surgeon who can rebuild a nose that was over-reduced in a primary.



The bad news about Sachs has even reached the UK because he comes touting here for business. There are quite a few of his botched noses here and the lady who died was from Ireland. Definitely a surgeon to avoid.


Really?!! He's snagging up patients in the UK too? I guess he's casting his line overseas now since most people here know his story. If I recall correctly, the poor Irish woman who died saw an advertisement of his somewhere in an Irish paper. What a guy!