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I had surgery 5 months ago and am very happy with my results. I didn't even think the swelling was all that bad and went out in public immediately after my cast was taken off. I know I will have subtle swelling for the next 2 years, but when I look in the mirror my nose looks totally good to me. However, I've noticed that in pictures, my nose looks huge and swollen. Why does it look fine in person but big in pictures? Anyone else have this experience?


Are you using an inexpensive camera? Some digital cameras distort images because of the lense curvature if you're not shooting from far enough away. One way to test is to take pictures of your friends who haven't had rhino surgery with the same camera and same distance and see if their noses look larger than in real life. Could also be lighting and just plain old swelling that you don't see in the mirror because the lighting is shining directly in your face. Shadows and lighting make a big difference in photos. Ask any plastic surgeon. ;).


Hi Ginger any chance of you posting those pics? perhaps your just being paranoid.