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Has anyone had any good experiences with any NY doctors for revision rhinoplasty? Help!!


SECONDARY RHINO: correction of a previously operated nose, by another surgeon

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Hi Susan -

I would imagine the breathing problem is caused by the wierd airflow of having a septal perforation--this should be corrected if the perforation can be corrected. Maybe part of your sinusitis problems are also related to the perforation as airflow to upper regions may be more stagnant and bacteria may grow. It may be hard to judge without going ahead with repairs and seeing if it helps. Either way you certainly need to repair the perforation and it sounds like you really would like a larger nose.

Given you want a larger nose, you probably should think hard about Toriumi. That's his forte and he's probably one of the very best, if not the best, in the world at it. It's still very risky repair surgery and there's absolutely no guarantees. I've heard of a few of Toriumi's patients that have had septal perforation repair by him and a couple who have needed it after. I think the way the septum heals can be tricky. I'd go with the most experienced person for reconstruction.

Regarding sinusitis, you might want to look into allergy immunotherapy, hydropulsing with non-preservative saline solutions, moist humidification (clean frequently if you are allergic to molds) antifungals, etc... all the things that might help your immune system and mucosa to work better. You might also want to be cautious of overdoing the antibiotics (I thought current research shows a lot of sinusitis to be fungal anyway??). Also, check out sinusitis websites like: http://www.ent-consult.com/ for other opinions.

Best of luck!


Anon, you seem to be very knowledgeable about revisions and Dr Toriumi in general. I know of one person who did developed perforation after surgery with Dr Toriumi but I did not know there were few others, and granted I know he fixed that particular case and few others. can you please email me as I need some similar procedure. by the way have you had a revision by Toriumi?


Hi Cindy--

No I haven't had a revision with Toriumi. I have heard second-hand that a couple of people (2) may have suffered perforation. I don't think it's that wide-spread but it doesn't sound that uncommon when extensive work on the septum is done. I believe that Toriumi repaired the perforations but can't vouch for it. Septal perforations are also common from cocaine users and are not an uncommon reconstruction, so I'd guess he's done a good number of them. I don't think I'd worry that this is a common occurence, but if you are concerned that you have a thin septum or a perforation, I'd definitely mention it more than once--with any doctor. I don't have a septal perforation myself.

All the best!


Thank you Anon. So it seems like you have heard more than once person developing perforation after surgery with Dr Toriumi. Do you know if in all cases he was able to correct the problem and if the patients ended up happy. Do you happen to know who were the patients that run to this complications? You are right it is a scary surgery, although Toriumi seems very confident when he takes a case that he can improve it and in most of the pictures I have seen it seems like he has improved it, but I wonder if there are really unhappy patients of him that ended up with serious complications that do not post about it.



I think since Toriumi does so many very difficult cases he's going to also have complications. But that's the same with all the major revisionists. I think he's probably the best at augmentation grafting and probably grafting in general--which is what septal repair requires. I couldn't get much detail but from what I recall, I believe at least one of the people had already had repair, I believe by Toriumi and I think the other person was looking into it. If you watch these boards you'll see that there are patients with serious complications from all these docs all the times. It's not that hidden. Septal perforation may be just another graft gone wrong issue of which there's plenty. Grafts can move, die, etc... At the same time, there do appear to be a reasonable number of successes. That's what we're all shooting for.

If you are interested specifically in septal perforations, you might try starting some threads to this effect to see if you can get more feedback. I would recommend that you and anyone looking for specific information maintain some anonymity on these boards and with others so that you can educate yourselves while being mindful that doc offices may review these boards.

Best wishes for your adventure!


thank you Anon. Do you mind emailing me, there is a link to my email address on the post and I like to take this off board if you do not mind. I need to disccuss some thing with you.