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not too happy: very sorry to hear about your result. I'm seriously considering Dr. T for a primary. Would you be willing to share a photo on the board or by email?



I will in the future, not right now. Want to wait to see if when more swelling goes down, want to give the doc the benefit of the doubt but previous irregularities don't all of a sudden go away.
just disappointed right now, maybe that will change, I pray it does. I cannot handle any more surgery


Enough already with those two.It's like a soap opera.
Their patients go from one to the other.
They both fix and destroy each others work.
All the same people telling others who to go to & why.
They're both "has been" Dr's already.
They're both in competition with each other
and both experiment on poor slobs like us.
They made their big time and raised their prices
became big headed & rich,
But,these boards can make and break a Dr.
Nothing lasts forever. .
we don't hear from people who have used and had success with great unknown Dr's and why?
Because, unfortunately those people don't have a clue about these boards.
which is why we seem to generate a cycle of continuous do & don't stories about these crapy "Board Name Dr's".But like all the other dreamers,I hang around waiting to hear of a new Dr who's producing real success stories. Cheers to those with great happy endings from either of those two Dr's,or any of the "Flavor of the year board Dr's,but that was your luck,and lately,there are not many happy endings from either,just complaints. Or should I say more negative results then positive results. OK I said my share. Go on,now SLAM ME!I'm sure more will agree with me. God forbid I posted this on M's board.


Couldn't have said that better myself! I think you read 99% of the peoples minds when you posted that!


Phew,THANK YOU!!!!