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Toriumi likes to build a high radix because he said it makes the nose look thinner from the front.


I see. Though I suppose avoiding overgrafting makes the nose look narrower from the front too....

I can't imagine that it makes sense to apply the same aesthetic rule to every face. I would think you have to look at how the brow bone and forehead are structured to see whether or not a face can take a lot more height in the nose to avoid the distinctly Roman profile. Surely, there's got to be a middle ground so that both the frontal and profile views are attractive to the patient since they have to live with the result and be comfortable with what they see in the mirror--especially for his new price tag. Since he's now booking between five and six months out for consults, it seems the fear of a high radix hasn't hurt his business.

In one of T's papers he says that he has examined a lot of noses and has personally determined what he thinks looks best nose-wise. Goes to the point that you have to LOVE his aesthetic I guess.


Toriumu uses the same type of grafts on everyone, places the same high radix graft in peoples noses whether they want it or not, that is his style, take it or leave it. It sounds like he makes one nose and thats it!


Its more like a one size fits all deal


If that's the case, then T should hand out little plastic models of his nose to every person who consults so they can wear it around and see if they like it.... :)


Wouldn't that be a good idea.

T suggested a very thin onlay graft to cover the irregularties. I did not even want what, but he said he would be 1 mm or less. I specifically told him MANY times I did not the root of my nose raised with a radix graft, which he ignored. This was not in the imaging. T does not give you answers other than swelling.

Whoever asked about Davis, yes I did see him and no I would not use him. My radix graft is part of the onlay graft, to take down the radix graft the whole onlay graft has to be taken out and trimmed, I was not keen on his plan, He wanted to poke a hole on the outside of my nose between my eyebrows and trim it externally. Having seen his rib work, I ruled him out. I dont know what all the " ooooooos and ahhhhhhhhs" are about him on the board.

when you have surgery with T, you have to prepare yourself for the radix graft even whether you want it or not and like his aesthetics. If you don't that graft, consider yourself one of the lucky ones.


That is exactly what he told me, he said he will like to put only fascia stuff on the bridge which will give me about 1mm high only,and said "not that noticeable", I told him I do not want dorsal augmentation or graft specially since I have thin skin and he said no he will not be putting any grafts. I felt a bit relief specially because I see at random rate some of his patient have the awful high radix graft and some do not so I though I will be among the ones without so at least I do not have to worry about that part. Now I am in shock hearing about your experience and even though he was going down the road of just putting fascia on the bridge you ended up not only with radix but dorsal graft too!!!! What the hell is going on with him!!! I think he puts such big spreader grafts in that when he is done with that part it looks so wider so he rasie the bridge to make up for it! now I have no idea what to do!

And what you described about Davis solution seems to risky I sincerely hope you will be able to find a solution or maybe some how learn to like the radix, is yours among the very high ones or modestly high? I remember there was a girl named NR who posted her pics and she had a very high radix which I could not live with, is yours close to that or at least half of that?
Whatever you decide it might help to know you are not the only one struggle with this aspect of your life and there are many of us here hoping and trying to fix our noses:(

Anon can you email me please privately?


By the way when you complain to him about the high radix what does he have to say for himself???? really how does he explain why he ignored the request! this sounds like not going by the verbal contract you guys have had and seems really wrong to me!


Anon I do not know if it helps you our not, but if you are not yet 6 months post opt, I heard from a Daniel patient who only had Fascia on the bridge that it was swollen for about 6 months in that area and then it went more down. I do not know if that is the case with you as you do not know if every thing in your bridge is fascia or actual rib but I though to mention this if it give you any hope. wish you all the best.


Anon, you said Davis wanted to poke a hole on the outside of your nose and trim the onlay graft externally. Don't you think this might make it warp because of asymmetrical pressures on the graft after being trimmed?


Toriumi told you 1 mm, how much do you think he actually raised your radix?