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To those who had a high radix with Toriumi, can you please show us your imaging and your post-op nose? If you want, you can just show us the radix, not the whole nose. Thanks


Sorry, Dr Toriumi's office would probably recognize me from the nose pics alone and I don't need that. I want to leave his office out of this, like I said I just want to put this behind me and not be mad about it. It was just a mistake for me, I probably didn't really need a rib graft in the first place and certainly didn't agree to this. I think Dr. Toriumi and rib grafts should be a LAST resort for people if your nose is really far gone and only if you really don't care what your nose looks like and willing to accept the outcome and his personal taste. I have the money to fix it now so I will try because it does bother me. I'm trying not to let it ruin my life and staying away from mirrors until the revision.


Would you be willing to say where the root of your nose starts--like for instance is it above the top of your upper eyelid? Or how much higher your dorsum is than your imaging? Thank you for any information.


My radix is past my upper lash right under my brow. Has anyone heard of other doctors beside Daniels and Davis who revises T's work?
This turned out to be some nightmare for me. I cant seem to get past this until I get revised. Revision 3 had some good advice when she said go to T as a last resort.


Was your revision with T your first revision? did he improve any thing for you at all? what were the problems you had that lead you to go to him, did you have any collpase or just wanted your nose a bit build up?

Why do not you try Dr Menick his website seems magical so if he can do those stuff modifing rib graft should be among the easier work with him, you will have to keep going on consult listing to the board advice can only get you so far, after all that is probably why you endedup with T and I do not know if you know the stuff about him that you know now.


Is there any way you will send me an email. My email address is listed above so you can use that link. For what is worth thank you for sharing your information with us and letting us know what are the negative side of using rib and perhpase the weaknesses of Dr Toriumi which seems to be happen more than we though.

by the way are you the same girl that used to post as Notagain?