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I feel really bad for what you are going through and I feel I would be as unhappy if I was in the same situation. I have a date set with him for January and I do not know what to do now. I have some pinching going on and need straightening and kind of like him because he felt confident in improveing those areas but never talked about changing profile or putting a radix.

Did any of you guys receive good improvement in other area in addition to the unwanted high radix? Do you gusy think there is any way to make sure he will not put radix in your nose or you have already tried requested and still got it without your permission?

I think I might delay my revision till I am sure I am prepared for a high radix as it seems like a must have with him.


No disrespect at all intended to any of the generous people who posted about their experience with Dr. T., but there are people who did get very nice and very attractive outcomes with T. We've all heard good stories as well as bad ones. I know that it is devastating and exhausting to get a bad outcome--been there myself.

Of course the scary thing is wondering if you will be in the good T camp or not so good T camp. Have you tried contacting Nora or Elaine from Canada board? Neither of those two women got high radix grafts. Nor did Humpty.

While rib does not seem like an obvious or appealing choice for everyone, once you've had a few rounds of lumpy, resorbing, weak ear grafts sometimes the only thing that makes sense is to try something new.

Personally, I would tell him that you would be absolutely miserable with a high radix graft and that you want him to know that up front and would he feel comfortable promising that he will not use it, If he says "No, I won't promise, then at least you'll know and can move on to someone else if you can't live with the risk. Good Luck!!


Thank you for your post. While it is true that I can beg him or ask him few times but it seems like anon4 already did that and despite all the many times she remind him she endedup with the high radix, I believe he can not make any promises and due to his techniques and the over correction he does depending on the anatomy of your nose perhapse if he does not put the radix it will make the nose look wide so he compensate for a slimmer looking nose by using that radix. I guess after already asking him it all comes down to how much he will have to overbulid or his judgment of how much he over builds and need to rais the radix. that is scary though and so is the whole revision all together. It is a risk we have to take when going to revision in addition to general revision risk each surgeons seems to have their own specific weaknesses and risk.
I wish there were some photos we could look at but I guess I can understand if I was unhappy with my T revision I would want to be private about it too.



Make a cardboard or thin plastic template in 1:1 of the profile & radix that you want to have and give this to the doctor for using during the surgery!
'Template surgery' is a very appealing concept, SWYWG surgery/ See What You Will Get, that's what more surgeons should offer instead of the 'freehand work' they perform, more planning is put into the building of a garagebox than in a complicated 3D surgery of the nose, it's a shame!!!

I myself made 1:1 drawings of my original and current nose, did overlap them and so I know exactly what needs to be done; only one surgeon appreciated my homework en intends to use my plan & templates during the surgery. I would not hesitate to go ahead with him if I had not heard a few scaring stories about him. Though, stories are relative since people don't come forward with pictures & more details, they remain vague.

Confusing, rhinoplasty is Russian Roullette and the only way to go safe is a thorough pre-planning and full scale drawings & templates! We hire an architect for making an accurate scale drawing of our garagebox, let's do it for the nose as well!!!!