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medpor vs. silicone implant

I'm asian and have quite a flat nose. I am getting the bridge of my nose built with the use of an implant (I know that my own cartilage can be used but I'm afraid of re-absorption and redoing the whole thing again...also asians are known for having very little cartilage). Right now I'm choosing between regular silicone & medpor.

Medpor- I like it because it has hole in it in which my own tissue can grow into therefore securing it in place. My fear is IF yrs after the surgery I get infection which would require to remove the implant, would removing it possible? Will I be more @ risk for getting medpor?

Silicone- I'm afraid of the silicone shifting on my face.

Any thoughts?


Which surgeon are you considering?
American surgeons often have a prejudice against alloplasts due to the complications of silicone in the past, however nowadays research is more advanced and Medpor is a result of this. I did extensive searches on Medpor and found nothing negative; on the contrary, it's a versatile & stable material. The only disadvantage is that in case the implant needs to be removed, it would be difficult due to tissue ingrowth, though an Australian surgeon told me it's not difficult to remove at all. I'm also in doubt about whether own cartilage or Medpor.



I've read a post from someon else who had her medpor cheek implants taken out... It took 2 operations to take them out. I finally made a decision and skip implants. I've read on costal rhino (taken frm 7th rib) and that's what I think is best for me. Worse comes to worst ill be faced with reabsorption (which I can live with) or warping (which can be prevented/reduced if curved properly...so choose an experienced doctor)