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Sarah, please click http://img88.imageshack.us/img88/2987/tst1.jpg


are you sad Toriumi ex-patient! I am sorry Dr T did not make the same promise to you. but maybe time for you to accept your result and not obsess over others.



I hope Sarah can find the courage to halt the equivocations and hyper-vigilance and make that appointment.


Sarah's problem is that she needs to get some second opinions. I want her to get feedback from other surgeons, no one should go into surgery with just one expert opinion. Of course I told her she needs a rib graft but I'm not a freakin rock star god, I just like ribs. I think she should verify this with at least 3 others and then schedule surgery with me, instead of this incessant whining.

PS the girls in the office are sick of reading Sarah freak about how much she doesn't trust me and then e-mailing people horror stories about me, please stop it. I'm doing the best I can here but you need to do your part too.




You seem to know so much about Sarah, is it some sort of obsession you have with her.
I have been in contact with Sarah and I am sure she will do what is right for her regardless of what some unhappy miserable individual will post.


Yeah, maybe if people spent more time sharing knowledge about consults and surgeries instead of analyzing other posters we would all be in a better place....


I really feel sorry for you, your posts might entertain few other sad angry posters like yourself but they have no value to me and may others,I could really careless about what you have to say. I do hope time will help you cope with what it is that is really bother you.