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What determines an open or closed rhinoplasty?


Do you mean,what factors help determine whether an open or closed procedure is more suitable,or what constitutes an open procedure? If it's the latter,an open rhinoplasty is when the incision is made outside the nose,and opening it up for an improved field of vision. A closed rhinoplasty refers to a method of all incisions being made inside the nose,with no external scars.


Hi thanks for the response. I was actually referring to the former; the factors that determine an open or closed rhino.



Sorry about that,I was a little confused by the wording of your question. In general,I think most surgeons prefer doing an open procedure for more difficult primaries and for most revisions,especially if precise grafts are to be placed. A closed procedure is more suited for primaries and simpler revisions,where bones need to be broken and re-aligned, and cartilage needs to be trimmed. It depends on the surgeon and which technique they feel most comfortable with. Are you seeking a primary or revision?