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dean, got a chance to read your reply to my question regarding nassif's tipwork on the old board. i was on vacation, away from the net, for the past couple of weeks, so i haven't had a chance to thank you until now. i'm also wondering what you, and everyone else on the board, knows about radiance as a temporary filler for the nose (as seen at http://www.westsidemedicalspa.com/nose.html). i really like the augmentations i see here. i'm mainly wondering whether the radiance is usually reabsorbed evenly by the body, and whether it goes away completely or if there's a chance that some of it will stay on/clump in parts of the bridge, etc. any information is welcome. i think it could be a possible alternative to surgery for those of us who are not seeking drastic changes. thanks again.


Hey carefull, I actaully had some restylane put into my tip by dr. rivkin from http://www.westsidemedicalspa.com and my tip came out great. Very nice and smooth. He's Definitly worth seeing. It's Also much cheaper then surgery.


You're welcome Careful. I agree,it seems what Rivkin is doing can be a good alternative for some people. I know a friend who had a pimple-like graft on his tip,and since he went there,he says it's completely smooth. Like with any doctor who does surgery,I think this procedure is good for some people,and maybe not suitable for others. For filling in,buffering etc... it seems like a good alternative.


cool. would you happen to know if it generally reabsorbs well/evenly? i think i read somewhere that, if used to augment a bridge, it could reabsorb quicker over cartilage than over bone, but this is totally unconfirmed. would it be something that you would consider as a temporary fix to your situation? just trying to get a feel of how people feel about it over here. there doesn't seem to be anyone with first-hand experience... thanks!