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Hi everyone I just wanted to update you all on my surgery with Quatela. Unfortunately a horrible thing happened. I was all ready for surgery, prepped and all and he though my blood pressure was still too high. He said that doing so much work with high blood pressure would mean alot of cortirising and would make my nose look like a sausage! it may be alittle dramatic but he lost a six hour booking on me. It says alot about his perfectionalism although it is hard to see it that way now. The fact is that the threat of my surgery being cancelled was making it go higher. It was cancelled and I was devastated and in tears. He sent me to his friend an internist who put me on Toprol XL for a week 50 mg. I have been checking it at all the pharmacys here and it is getting lower. I am resceduled for Thu. Needless to say this was a huge hassle. work wise, financialy and my for my friend staying with me. I hope to God it is low enough for him as he said the outcome would be greatly affected if it was too high. I am frustrated depressed and anxious but I need to accept my situation or I will go crazy.
- Mike.

Im so sorry to hear about what happend, I know how devestating that can be. I think in this situation your doctor is looking out for your best interest. I have seen you post many times on this forum and i wish you the best of luck. Quatela in my oponion is an excellent surgeon. Trust him and your body, and im sure everything will be fine. Hey just hang in there, Its a great thing that the doctor is looking out for you. Unfortunately we cant always say that about everyone. Dr. Quatela is a skilled surgeon. He has awesome before and after's. I'm sure you are in good hands. Wish you the best with your surgery.

Hey Michael,
I'm sorry to hear about what happened,I know sometimes it seems this nightmare will never end. As Kline said,hang in there man,everything will turn out fine in the end. At the risk of sounding too much like a fortune cookie,I'll end my post now. Good luck Michael with your Rhinoplasty

It must've been very hard for you to deal with what happened, but it could've been much worse the other way around. It is a setback in lieu of fiasco. Most importantly, your doctor acted in your best interests, meaning that you can trust him in the operating room. I do not mind to sound like a fortune cookie, because I have no doubt that good things are coming your way! Well deserved and long overdue! Please, stay positive! Thinking of you,

How disappointing that you have had to suffer another setback. However, Dr. Quatela's decision showed that he takes you, your health, and your revision rhinoplasty goals very seriously. I have to conclude that you are in exceptional hands and that is good fortune!

Well it's the big day I am sceduled for a 3.15 pm wich will be his last. I wanted to be first so he'd be fresh but this way he won't be pressured to get thru it becuase of other surgeries waitng.Like they told me at the surgical centre "Dr Quatela is a prfectionist and only fifnishes when he is good and ready. Wish me luck guys.

Oh my God, have I got a story for you Kline and everone!I swear to God if thI get thru this I will get thru anything. Here goes.
I go into surgery everything is fine blood pressure is god and then suddenly I wake up in emergency room with my friend sitting by my side on an awful Gurney with my eyes stinging and painn when I inhale from the rib graft! it turns out that Dr Quatela had to cortise so much because of muscle that he slightly scratched my rib. He being so cautious immediately phoned my friend and followed me in an ambulance with his partner in the with me to the emergency room for x rays. He actually stayed with me for 2 hours btalking to me but I cant remember a thing. My eyes were shut and although I kept saying yes I can't remember. He knew it but because my friend was there I guess he thouth it was worth it. The ointment the anaethesiologist used really stung my eyes tho. I could not sleep all night and couldn't wait to get out of there after the second x ray was clear. On the good note. My nose is half done he debulked ALL of the silicone and what is left in the cast although is not grafted yet looks amazing. The grafts are buried on the side of my head for safe keeping till Monday....yes Monday! for the second half and final end of this nightmare. I will have a great nose but oh what a price I have paid both financialy and emotionaly. He is a great surgeon but I must say he is a very if not overly cautious one. I will write to you on Monday. surgery is at 6.15 am. I have cried all the tears I can possibly cry.
Michael A.

I got the plugs out tody from quatelas assistant. He said the good thing avout this surgery being broken up is to see how the blod supply of the tissue responds. he said it was very good and that Quatela was happy about how the silicone was responding to the excision. I will post on Monday after the surgery.

well today I had my grafts that were nesting on my side of my head..(about a 2 inch scar that were left there for safe keeping) put in my tip. He also thinned out my columella in half. He said that after the silicone was removed there was no cartilage grafts or natural sructure left at all from the my original nose and Gruber revision back in 96. from what I can see he did an amazing job more that I could have hoped or wished for. a nose that I can live out the rest of my life with. This procedure took about 2 1/2 hours today. I came out of the twilight surgery happy, relaxed and at peace. a feeling much needed after my ordeal. I am a control freak and depending on someone else while my rhinoplasty is in pending mode was the worst. My breathing is back to normal,,no pain as I had just after the rib graft ordeal. I had him place the scar right under my left pec muscle. He is agreat guy and I highly recommend him for all your difficult surgerys. I will keep you posted. My plugs come out tomorrow, stiches on Thu and cast comes off next Monday and then I leave Rochester. Thanks again for being here for me everyone. This suport board is where I found this great guy.

I look at people that were born with great noses and wish I had been one of them. Instead my 46 years of life has been in someway interrupted by my nose. Knowing there are so many of us out there saddens me but there is that mindset and constant burden that only "we" understand unfortunately. people could think we are vain or obsessive but it is what it is and happiness cannot be measured to other people's standards I guess. I'm just reflecting here....

Hey Michael,

I'm glad your ordeal is over,sounds like you've been under great care by Quatela. I agree,noone can judge another person's happiness based on their own ideals. I've had the few friends or family members say it's only a nose blah,blah blah but until someone is in the position we've been in for years,they have no idea.I guess what this has taught me is to appreciate what I do have in life and not to judge what troubles other people about their own. We all have crosses to bear in life it seems,and unfortunately for many of us the nose one is ours. Good luck Mike,may you end up with total happiness.


Thanks Dean, I appreciate your reply. Today Quatela checked my rhinoplasty and changed the plaster. His fear is compromising blood circulation. Although he likes to compress for swelling (unlike Gruber who calls it "Monkey Business") in my case it could be bad. There is good circulation and he reapplied the cast over lots of firm, not tight pieces of tape.

I was wondering why is your Dr worried about blood circulation, is it just in general or is it because your revision required removing other grafts and etc. by the way do you have thin skin?
thanks Sara, I had a third of my nose that was injectable silicone removed from the inside of my skin nose. So when he did the open there was not much structure beyond the bottom of bridge. My tip was rubbery and puffy.In order to make my snose refined and smaller he needed to excise all the scar tissue and silicone which looks the same, basicaly compromising the skin tissue in thinning it enough for a new framework. My skin was always very thick and oily to by the way.He used rib in the strut which he shortened, the tip and to pull my nostrils down.